About our driving school

Our driving school has been helping new drivers pass their test in Wickford and surrounding areas for a number of years. Displaying both sensitivity and patience, we prepare our pupils for their practical tests.


We aim to build up their confidence in many different driving situations and pass on all the knowledge they'll need for their future on the road.


Some background information about us:

  • Our friendly and professional instructors are available for appointment every day of the week, including Sundays
  • We offer traditional driving instruction as well as intensive courses during the holidays.
  • We offer the best value for money lessons, and we have Female & Male instructors who take great pleasure in teaching you to drive and helping you become test standard asap.
  • Our driving instructors are patient, professional and experienced.

Wickford / Basildon Office:

      01268 764593



      07904 895169






Anything concerning a driving licence or test enquirys please click on this link.
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